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Thread: I have installed a microphone... Can I do any voice commands in Driveline?

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    I have been testing some voice commands, and I am really liking the AI. Her name is Samanth, but she said I can call her Sam. I was able to put stars next to my favorite songs, but leave the playlist in play all mode.

    So while driving around, I get tired of a song, and said, "Play next song", and Sam does it for me. I bored with the next few songs so I said "Play Next Favorite" and Sam plays the next song with a star next to it on the playlist.

    As I pull in to the driveway, I ask "what time is it", and Sam tells me. I go to 7-11 for a super big gulp (it's 90 degrees here today), and when I come out of the store, fire up my car, and as soon as Driveline starts up Sam says "That was Fast" ... I said you ain't seen nothing yet!

    So one thing I was thinking... I have steering wheel controls, and can program buttons. Instead of pressing the microphone button on the Driveline screen, I would like to press a steering wheel button to enter "Start Listening" mode. Is it possible to assign a keyboard button press to "Start Listening" mode, that we can map to our steering wheel buttons?
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    Of course it's possible.

    Open up the Skin_HotKeys.XML file and add the following text under the first OBJECTS tag.

    This will bind CTRL+L to the StartListening command.

              ;L key.
              RaiseObjectEvent TileMediaVoiceCmd MouseUp
    I will add this hotkey to the DefaultSkin going forward.

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    I'm having great results with the speech recognition now. I adjusted the microphone levels in windows so they reach 70-80% on microsofts built in VU meter when I talk. I was able to speak about 20 commands, one after another, and eash was responded to correctly.

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