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    Unrelated -- Thank you Internet, you never cease to disappoint me.

    Oh internet, you make all of our lives more connected.
    And you are full of pictures of cats and naked women.
    You are a marvel and a symbol of the human spirit.
    For example, now that I am single, the internet has many more uses for me.
    Your images are entertaining. I've seen a lot of cats this week.
    But, what if I could use you to meet real people?
    People of the opposite gender? Could that actually happen?
    I'll bet it could, I mean, this is 2014 after all.
    I'm sure that attractive women with no baggage or mental issues are online.
    So, after emailing a few times, I gave a girl my number. She called.
    And now I will share with you the wisdom I have gained. Here's the play by play.

    She has a kid. I'm getting older, and that might be something I have to be cool with at some point.

    And she has scoliosis. Sounds kinda serious. One of those things you can't really tell in a pic though. Sneaky.

    She says one leg is shorter than the other. God damn internet, you got me again. ::

    Recovering hardcore drug addict. Of course.

    Drops the N word.

    Think I better block this number.

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    Now you have more time for Driveline and yourself! Sounds like you need a good Canadian girl. Good luck SNO

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    or getting urself in a greek island could be very usefull for getting ur balance back....! we have an island for every purpose . if you wanna feel younger go to santorini or if you wanna ***k go to paros... and etc....!
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    Wow! You paint a picture of the tweeker girls from Orange is the New Black! Run away, run away! What happened to all the church girls or school marm types? Oh, the're at Church, School, or voluntering for some community functions. Take a night school art and crafts, or cooking class with intent to learn, or take a line dance class, or volunteer to help at the library a couple times a month.

    Point is, avoid internet girls, but get out there like the serious girls who want Mr Right do. We men tend to hide behind a computer screen, while women tend to get out there.. it's just where they go, when they're out, is what determines what kind of girl you can find.

    Start now with a plan that it might take a year or 2 to find a nice girl, and after a couple months you will start to get good at what you are doing, and Miss Right might just join the class and see you as the guy who knows what is going on there, to help her out. The new guy don't score it's guy who get's a handle on program that scores, so choose something you can succeed in with a moderate time investment. Remember.. find something whether it is inside OR even outside your comfort zone, and stick with it, investing a couple hours a week as a lifestyle change till you succeed.

    In the meantime work on the next version of Driveline then head out to an escort service or massage parlors, which in the end cost about the same as the drinks and dinners hookup investment, for a no strings attached release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClockWorK View Post
    No, really, a long hold on the video should go full screen, unless your touch-screen driver is set to switch a long-hold to a right-click.
    that's the case with my drivers. I'm buying another controller in the near future cause the current one is recognized by windows 8.1 x64 as a mouse only. the controller maker (e-galax) say it needs a firmware update which is not possible on this version. it works as a HID touchscreen on windows 8 x86 though.

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