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    Request ...

    Possible in the future to add support to my old and simple hardware "Serial voltimeter for CarPC", which many years ago Guino added in the code of the Road Runner?
    Simply code frontend should have the opportunity to choose a COM, and manage data according to this logic, with the number of coefficient.

    The data / coefficient :
    600 = 11,78Volt
    11,78 / 600 = 0,0196363 (number of coefficient)

    Hardware Com port settings:
    2400baud, 8,n,1,no control


    If you decide to do this I can put it back in download the complete package to build home made this simple hardware, and the hex file for the Pic uP used.

    Very old thread link:

    Enclose a .txt saved with Yperterminal and my voltimeter hardware.

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