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Thread: Mame and Game Controllers in Driveline...

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    Mame and Game Controllers in Driveline...

    I have not actually loaded any game romZ on my carpc yet, but often find myself waiting in the car for someone. I have only been using games like Solitaire and Mah Jong, but want to put some old arcade classics like Ms Pacman, Robotron, Millipede, and Defender on.

    I was wondering how the roms work, and what bluetooth game controller would be good to use in the Driveline front end.

    I am asking about the controller because of a recent post I read that the X-Box controller has windows drivers available now, and if there are better controllers, preferably Bluetooth that can also double as a 2 button mouse that would help too.

    So how do game roms work with Driveline?

    And which controller is BT and can support mouse functions?


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    For ROMs, what you do right now is install emulators (snes9x, nesticle, whatever) and associate your ROM files (.smc, .nes) with the appropriate emulators through Windows Explorer. Once that is done, you should be able to browse your ROMs just like browsing for media files. They run embedded. As for controlling the game, you should configure the emulators for your gamepad(s) once ahead of time.

    Now, about those gamepads.. I've written the basic code to read some gamepad button data. I own a wired XBox 360 gamepad (no console). So far, I have been programming with that. I know there are third-party programs to let you use a gamepad as a mouse. I'll add that in to DriveLine though. Sounds easy enough.
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