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Thread: reading/study material for changing DL fronts

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    reading/study material for changing DL fronts

    Been reading like crazy and digging out old computer parts and finally joined

    I just down loaded notepad++ to look at this weekend

    I downloaded DL and waiting to mess with it this weekend

    Can you recommend any reading to help this old guy grasp some of this new tech?

    I had a car pc so long ago it was running W95 with 2 voodoo video cards linked so I could play this new game called quake

    So this seems easy enough (I mess with .post here for cadd etc) find what needs changing, change it and start over again with the original .xml if it doesn't work...right???

    I have been using a laptop in my truck and bus for years as navigation and music and now want to hide everything again and use a new fangled "touch screen" woot, woot no more doing the mouse slid going down the road

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    Welcome to the forum! I think you will like Driveline very much, it just works and works good. Clockwork is very active in the forum so if you have some technical questions regarding what to change, just ask! Don't forget to make a worklog so others can follow along. Good luck SNO

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    Thanks for downloading DriveLine. I've been working on it for years now with the help of other mp3car users for ideas and testing and hardware.

    For modifying the XML, I just use notepad, but something like Notepad++ will probably work better.

    Before modifying anything though, I would recommend using it in your car as-is at first. All the settings and configuration for hardware can be done through the user interface, so no need to modify XML just to get started. If you want to eventually get into modifying the skin XML files, it is possible to make the entire UI completely different.

    And as you mentioned, worst case you can just replace a bad XML with an old copy.

    As for reading (pertaining to DriveLine), I would recommend just skimming through the pages here in this forum, and if you see a topic that pertains to your setup (XM radio, or Cameras for example), read the thread. I'll try to answer any questions and give advice where possible. And there are some active users that will probably chime in with their own knowledge learned from their setups. Since my CarPC is in a constant state of testing, I'm not always in the best position to answer every question. But I will definitely try.

    When I started working on my first CarPC, I thought I was going to end up with an inverter, and use a number-pad for input. I'm so glad neither of those things happened. I was so geeked to have visualizations for my music in my car back then. Now they seem like a useless distraction other than for showing off. Funny how our mindset changes as we get older. For reference, I'm 34. I've been a programmer since I was a kid. But this project always forces me to learn new things, try some crazy ideas, and usually make things better.

    Lastly, I view DriveLine as the underdog around here. Centrafuse and RoadRunner (RideRunner?) are the top dogs, and I can't really speak for either of them as I've never tried them. Some parts of DriveLine are very basic (perhaps the UI), and some parts of it are surprisingly complex (the voice interaction), and some parts of it still need some work to accommodate all of the possible hardware/software combinations (such as the radio volume controls).

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    Thanks for the welcome

    I will modify skins etc before putting it in the vehicle...still dont have a "new" vehicle yet

    looked at 30+ in last 2 weeks...sigh

    As for questions...not an issue lol

    and for build threads....I am a build thread whore

    have atleast 4 well documented on the internet...low dollar kinda redneck...a Skoolie....and a few Isuzoo's...

    I am 45 and this is how it started......remember putting 2 15inch paper subs in a console from 1978 into the back of a jacked up blazer, circa 1987....then roll with Too short and Bon Jovi blasting, from stacked amps the guy at the CB shop "fixed" for me.

    there will be questions and alot, from someone that wants to learn and then they will help others like me who have to have google open on one screen as I peruse the board on the other screen :wink:

    actually posting from the comp I am messing with for my.. carpc... actually just added 2 more 512 ram so up to 2.48 G
    should be plenty

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    I downloaded Notepad++ and started tweeking things to make my own DL screens too. It's kind of fun, but you can burn through a few weekends in no time.

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