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Thread: USB webcams display incorrect video format at random. No solution found.

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    USB webcams display incorrect video format at random. No solution found.

    Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post in the Driveline realm. I'm having issues with the multi-camera/ dashcam interface. I was using a cheap 5 dollar Chinabay cam, Driveline crashed at random and when I restarted the app the video feed seemed to have changed its output format. I'm getting duplicate columns (about 4 x) and the image appears to be interlaced and in grayscale. Almost looks like what your monitor would display if you set your video card to the wrong resolution and refresh rate.

    I figured that the cheapie cam I was using took a crap and then purchased a Logitech c525. I've been using it for about a month with no issues. Yesterday I sent the computer into hibernation and restarted once back in the car. Guess what happened. Yep, the same garbled video feed. I was able to correct the issue by re-installing DL when I was using the old cam. I should also mention that testing both cams with other apps yields no problems. I also use facial recognition software to automatically log me into my car-pc and it displays video just fine as well.

    Is there anyway to correct this issue within DL or do I need to edit something in DL source and or re-install? I'll get you a screen shot when I'm in my car next.

    Thanks in advance

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    Not gonna lie. Somehow I never noticed this post.

    I've had 2 webcams, both of which work fine for me. One is a logitech and I think the other was a creative.

    I've had 2 tablets, each with 2 cameras. On my first tablet, I could view one camera but not the other, and I could not do image-capture. On my new tablet, I can't get either camera to work. So I can definitely reproduce camera problems.

    I think the reason I can't do image capture on some cameras is because they are sending a compressed stream instead of an RGB24 stream. I'm not sure. I've never had corrupted video though. But what you say about multiple columns gets me thinking.

    Now that I'm running my tablet in my car, and I see that stupid camera icon grayed out, I'll get to the bottom of it one way or another.

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