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Thread: Phidget Page change

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    Phidget Page change

    I am wondering what would need to be done to have the digital inputs and outputs on the same page, The reason I am asking is the 1010/1018/1019 only have 8 digital inputs and outputs so the extra 8 of each are not needed. I know that it would break something for the people that are using the 1012 board but I think the other boards are more popular. If it's something I could do on a one off basis on my box please guide me. Thanks and Just a thought SNO

    Also I think we went over this before but the font, can it be changed only on the data field not the title or label text just the data on the analog page. so title 1 would be computer voltage in the standard font and the data would be in new font like a digital type font
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    On a follow up to this . Maybe you could make a choice in settings either 1012 or 1010/1018/1019 and have the 8 analog like it is and a digital page with the 8 in and 8 out. And for the 1012 which really has no analog only 16 digital in and outs so that one you could remove the analog page altogether. Just my thoughts SNO
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    SNO, Sorry for the late reply.

    The font change can be done on a one-off in the Skin_Frame_Phidgets.xml file.

    1. Search for "data</NAME>" without the quotes. This will get you to the top of the xml node for the first value (analog in 00)
    2. Look about 7 lines down from there, and you'll see a line that reads: <FONTNAME>%skin_FntTxt%</FONTNAME>
    3. Replace %skin_FntTxt% with the name of the font you want to use.
    4. Test your change. If it looks good, go back to step 1 to do the rest of the occurrences.

    Let me think on the phidgets.

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