Hey All,

Came across these while looking for something to talk me out of replacing my ScanGaugeII for the DashDAQ coming out. Simple installations for both.

Made by company called Brockway Engineering. Looks like they have two models currently available, the R920 & the R2000. They had an earlier version out that you can still find, the R900.

R2000 OBD-II Digital Multi-Gauge with NTSC Video Output http://www.brockwayengineering.com/r2000.html

R2000 $297.00 US List

The R2000 might entice some; not really PC integrated, but plug N play to their LCD through composite video output (NTSC). Simple display and looks to be in white only.

Six different screen modes, monitor up to four parameters at a time.

You can access Users Manual from link above to review specifications.

R920 OBD-II Digital Multi-Gauge with 2-line LCD http://www.brockwayengineering.com/r920.html

R920 $197.00 US List for standalone module.
R920DIN $227.00 List for single DIN mount module.

Just a note, lists LED as reverse contrast green only at web site, but mentions available colors as white, blue, green or red in the FreshAlloy review. I know the R900 was available with the same color choices.

Nine different screen modes, monitor up to two parameters at a time.

You can access Users Manual from link above to review specifications.

Accessories Link http://www.brockwayengineering.com/accessories.html

Current applications for the R900 / R920 / R2000 1996+ OBD-II Compliant Vehicles that use ISO9141-2 or KWP2000 Protocols.

Bentley - All Models 1996-2006
BMW - All Models 1996-2005, some 2006
Chrysler - All Models 1996-1997, some 1998-2003
Ford - Probe 1996-1997
Honda/Acura - All Models 1996-2005, some 2006, some 1995
Hyundai - All Models 1996-2006
Jaguar - All Models 1996-2005
Mazda - All Models 1996-2002, some 2003-2005
Mercedes - All Models 1996-2004, some 2004-2006
Mini - All Models 2002-2006
Mitsubishi - All Models 1996-2005, some 1995, some 2006
Nissan/Infiniti - All Models 1996-2006
Pontiac - Vibe 2003
Porsche - All Models 1996-2006
Rolls Royce - All Models 1996-2005
Subaru - All Models 1996-2006
Suzuki - All Models 1996-2006
Toyota/Lexus/Scion - All Models 2000-2003, some 1994-1999, some 2004-2006
Volvo - All Models 1996-2003, some 2004-2005
VW/Audi - All Models 1996-2004, some 2005-2006

Manufacturers not listed are not supported at this time.