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Thread: Engine swap and need to modify electronics

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    Engine swap and need to modify electronics

    Hi all,

    Just found you folk and hope you can point me in the right direction.

    I have removed late 2005 Ford Focus motor, wiring etc and placed in new car. No longer have doors or power steering.

    Stylized pics here.

    The LCD on the Dash shows Doors Open and power steering failure. I want to get rid of these messages but still see the km's travelled so I cannot cover it with tape.

    Make Ford
    Year October 2005 current model
    Model Focus
    Engine 2.0 ltr
    Transmission Manual (stick) was front wheel drive now rear wheel drive via Toyota box.

    Research to date - cannot find any real info on modifying the code to remove 5 doors and power steering. I have been told it can be done but that is all they could tell me.

    Any tips or hints welcome.

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    You will probably have to short the wires together for the door switch and the
    power steering pressure switch. Look for a schematic online or go to Helm and
    buy one.

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    Thanks - I have the diagrams.

    The CanBus and power go to the mechanical door latching mechanism.

    4 wires are looped from door to door and all doors are monitored and controlled by that. Saves heaps of cable and connectors.

    The CanBus controls one /two output(s) and two inputs per door. The output controls a small electric motor forward and reverse controlling the lock part of the mechanism while the two switches detect door closed and the unlock leaver on the door itself. This unit is the size of your hand and there are 5 of them. 4 doors and boot / trunk. The trunk release is by push button switch next to the licence plate lamps. There is no mechanical leaver on it - all electronic.

    I have 3 choices
    Make a box and fit all the OEM electronics in it and control the door open closed switch with a relay to fool the ECU. It will be a large box for a smal car- bigger than the battery.
    Make one tiny circut board to emulate the doors
    Flash the controller. Flashing the controller is my prefered option as there are several folk here wanting to do the same thing and at least one other has an auto box and needs to convert to stick shift.

    Our local laws prohibit replacing the controller with after market units so I have to pursue this line.

    Dave D.


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