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Thread: Cell Phone Software for Bluetooth OBD

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    Cell Phone Software for Bluetooth OBD

    I Just noticed a site offering Cellphone Software that works with the Bluetooth OBD connector from Vital Eng.

    I downloaded the simulation, it looks like it's written in Java and they emailed back that they will be selling Auto-Mobile software this month.

    The site is:

    Anyone else try it??

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    I just downloaded it and tried it. Its not working for me.
    I have a bluetooth OBDII and Sony Ericson w300. As soon as I choose the option to display the parameters, i can see the bluetooth indicator chaning, also the lights on the OBD II adaptor but nothing happens on the cell phone.

    Its pretty neat, too bad it doesn't work.

    PS: I used to get error: can not determine device name , so I changed the name from "CAN OBII" to "OBDII" hoping that the space in the middle could have caused this problem, now that error stop apearing but software is not doing anything... too bad!

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