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Thread: Turbo my RAV4, need help

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    First of all, why??? Are you doing it to show off the PSHHHH, blow off valve or for speed? These are the only 2 reasons behind this. I have a 91 MR2 Turbo aka 3sgte that is modified and a stock 98 Toyota Rav4 and have worked on these engines for rought 6yrs. If you're looking for safety and speed, I'd recomend a V6 camry engine swap. If you really want the turbo, then do a full swap to a JDM 3sgte w/ LSD transmission.

    What ever you choose to do, good luck.

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    I know too many people who started down the turbo path using piggy back band aid systems like the e-manage, SAFC, etc and have had to stop and start from scratch with a true stand alone after their band aid couldn't tune out pinging or weirdness in the running of the engine...
    I'm currently running a Megasquirt ECU on my 22RE and it's VERY VERY happy. Tuning is easy, it's not that hard to get started, you can use factory sensors, and the best part is, you can do the ECU with a wideband O2 sensor for tuning for less than $500.

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