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Thread: change ecm parameters

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    change ecm parameters

    Is there any way to change things like the speedometer calabration, shift points, engine cut off speed limiter, etc. on a J1850 VPW based OBD2 ecm for a 2000 dodge grand caravan? I don't mind laying out some cash for a good product. This is for the 1000-horsepower van project. this thing is really close to some test runs. The transfer case is almost done and then I plan to try it out.


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    I don't believe so.
    I beleive your van requires a DRB III scan tool in order to change/program such things (my 2000 intrepid does). This is a dealer only item (chrysler proprietary). You can purchase one, but last time I checked they ran around6,000! :wow: And that doesn't include the programming updates, you have to be an authorized dealer to get those (or you have to have a buddy set you up under the table)
    Also, you can really mess up the vehicle if you're not sure what you're looking at.

    Here's a couple links:
    (Here's one for $2,000)

    Good luck

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