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Thread: CAN Bus Proprietary PID's

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    CAN Bus Proprietary PID's

    Hey all... Got myself a nice ELM scanner and I'm just wondering if anyone has any leads on querying data from anything except the Mode 01 PID's. I have all of those and they only offer some basic info.

    Specifically Ford..... That'd be great.

    Any Input Welcome...

    Edit: Going about this via Open Source in Linux, so please exclude any .exe Windows programs or .dll linkers.

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    I'd be interested in anything you come across regarding Ford message definitions as well.

    I've been sniffing the traffic, but haven't come across much that's useful.
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    Myself, I'm looking for Chrysler (although every part in the vehicle is stamped Benz, so maybe that's what I should be looking for) Diesel specific codes

    Specifically for the Dodge Sprinter (05).

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    Hard to come by.

    One of the manuals for the Ford '98 Explorer at had a bunch of mode 22 PIDS, explanations, and scaling. The Ford Worldwide PIDS are listed in other vehicles then and since then, but only the Explorer for that year gave the scaling for some reason. Don't know about the status of that website though, it was down the last time I checked.


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