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Thread: need help w/ OBD1 and a mac

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    need help w/ OBD1 and a mac

    hello everyone,
    n00b! I have two things that i would like to use together and cannot find a way to use them yet.
    -the car i have is a 93 civic HB (OBD1)
    -the laptop i have is mac (OS X)
    my goal is to be able to connect my laptop to my 93 civic. I would like to be able to monitor my cars performance, to put it in the simplest way possible.
    Is there any OBD1 software out there that is compatible with a mac?
    if not, is there anything that i can do to make this work. I know of plenty of OBD11 software but of no way to use it seeing as my car has an OBD1 ecu. I would appreciate all input from u miracle workers

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    Have a look at EVO-SCAN, ([email protected]).
    They do cables and software for pre-OBD2 Japanese, vehicles.
    They may be able to help.

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    thnx alot, that link helps alot. hopefully il find somthing


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