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Thread: Reading ODBII from SCT XCaliber 2

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    Reading ODBII from SCT XCaliber 2

    I have a SCT XCaliber 2 I'd like to get ODBII data from. I know there is the LiveLink (buggy) software but has anyone seen anything else. I just need some code to look at that reads speed,load,temp,fuel, etc.

    I talked to a guy at SCT and got nowhere on API docs.

    Otherwise I'll have to dig into the dlls that come with LiveLink and try and figure something out.

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    That's one of the problem with some of the hardware interfaces closed API's...

    One more reason why something like the OBDPro is better since the API is open and you can write custom software as needed.

    One though is you could install a USB spy software and see what data goes back and forth to try and reverse engineer the protocol


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    Reverse Engineer

    I hope it does not come to that. I used Reflector and I could peek into the dlls, but I've not put that much time into it yet. I'm hoping I can get some other use out of my $350 tuner. An open tool would be much easier and probably save money on the time it would take to hack the XCal.

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