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Thread: Ford Focus unknown PIDs

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    Ford Focus unknown PIDs

    Hi m8,

    I have an ELM327 and a Ford Focus II.

    I would like to read the status of the doors, light, AC, etc. via OBDII

    I am interested in getting status of wheel control of my factory radio, since it will be removed, but the wheel control would be nice to have.

    Anybody knows PIDs regarding the above thing?


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    Your stereo is not networked with any other modules. It stands alone on the ACP network (Audio Control Protocol). Diagnosis of entertainment systems is done by holding a combination of buttons on the radio. A/C is controlled by the PCM. The main body controller on a ford is called the Smart Junction Box (SJB). The SJB is a combination fuse box, relay board, & networked module. The SJB contains the Generic Electric Module (GEM), the Front Electric Module (REM), & the Rear Electric Module (REM). The GEM, FEM, & REM control your interior & exterior lights, windows, etc... There maybe more or less modules depending on equipped options.

    I'm not familiar with the ELM327, so I'm not sure exactly what PIDs are viewable. If you record a snap shot (should be a function of the tool) & post a pic, I could tell you about the PIDs you don't understand.

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    holy old thread batman!

    I guess it is better to get a late response than no response.
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