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Thread: I got my winALDL setup going

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    I got my winALDL setup going

    I got my winALDL setup going yesterday. Today I did a datalog while driving. I'm using a Fujitsu Stylistic 1200 Tablet PC(running on it's own battery for now) to run the winALDL software and a home made cable made from the info on the winALDL page. I would love to load linux on this computer eventually but I can't find any linux based scanning software.

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    that was my program in Java.
    dont remember if i ever got around to making it work on linux.
    but when i get a chance i will find the code and see if i did.
    if not shouldnt take me more then a day or 2.

    would only be like 10 lines of code to change.
    Core duo
    1tb harddrive
    256 ddr
    8 lilliput

    still installing...

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