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Thread: USB OBD II vs Scan Gauge II

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    USB OBD II vs Scan Gauge II

    I've been wondering if it wouldn't be more useful to have a scan gauge II than one to the usb depending on their features as I really don't know what features the usb scanners have. I don't know what more they could possibly have as for FE other than graphical gauges. I just know that scan gauge is pretty cheap and does every possible thing I know of yet after a search I didn't see mutch mention of it, so maybe none of you know about it, and if not check it out.

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    there are two disadvantages that i can think of

    1) data logging - i don't think the scan gauge supports data logging. with a usb device, you can record data

    2) you are stuck with what they give you. with the usb, you can find other software or write your own and get exactly what you want from the ecu.

    having said that, if you want easy to use, and you want to not have to fight with open source software or finding a road runner / media car module to display OBD data, the scan gauge comes with it's own display and is completely standalone.
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