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Thread: faster readings

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    faster readings

    I'm currently using the elmscan 5.
    I know different vehicles have different limitations for the reading rate for PIDs.
    OBDII is the culprit.
    But what about CAN? Why are CAN readings so slow with the Elmscan 5?

    What alternatives are there? I want to read 4 or 5 readings 3-5 times per second. CAN is capable of this. Is there a reader that is?

    The mongoose claims to be, but its not multi protocol. I plan on using this on various cars.
    Is there a reader that can do multi-OBDII protocols and CAN as well?

    Basically, I'm looking for a faster Elmscan 5.

    Any tips would be appreciated.


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    try to ask at they have the MBD3200,
    or (I think)

    Mongoose not only claims that they can read CAN very fast,
    it is also true..
    the mongoose perform really nicely.
    Sorry for the english

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    The multiprotocol version of the Mongoose is the Cardaq.

    A tad more expensive though.


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