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the chinese rip offs are always cheaper

1. no R&D
2. cheaper materials
no R&D, but they can usually pick apart an IC. They will scan a whole IC, burn off a microscopic layer with a laser, scan, and continue until the chip is gone to get a full 3D model and then replicate it exactly. Usually with no idea of what it does, but that is pretty nifty in my mind.

And the materials arent "cheaper". Raw materials cost the same anywhere in the world. It is labour and then how many 3rd parties it goes through. More efficient to build it all in the same plant/city than ship parts around the world or buy from chinese plants and "assemble in the US".

As for the OP, why would you be considering opening a business for this if you cannot figure it out yourself? When you get a customer, they (hopefully) will be asking you what you do, how you do it, sort of questions. If you cannot answer, a red flag goes up and they go to someone who does know. I dont know much about chip tuning, but I dont sell goods or services that cater to that, so I can be ignorant of the process.