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Thread: 95 vw golf obd2 location

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    95 vw golf obd2 location

    Anybody know where they hide the plug for this car?
    or is it a 16 pin?
    OBD or OBD2 ?
    Starting to not like vws
    check engine light is on and auto tranny slipping?

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    Don't know all that much about MK3's, but if it's anything like the B4's (Passat), 95 gives you an OBDI system with an OBDII (16 pin) style connector (B4 connector was hidden behind a blanking plate to the left of the stereo). Best bet would be to hit up the mk3 forum on

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    found it

    You remove the ashtray, then to the right of that is a black plastic part of dash that slides to the left exposing the plug.
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    2 has a great wiki database full of repair data and charts, and I found a picture where your OBD2 connector is, as indicated behind the astray. See the following picture.


    To look up any other OBD2 location visit the main link at; OBD2 Location

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