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Thread: Which cable?

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    Which cable?

    Well I was looking around and could not decide, which cable is best to go with for OBD-II readings, linking up to my laptop. I have a 03' Nissan 350Z, so I saw the ELM 323, and 327 cables, but are they the best to buy or is there something better? I'll be linking up to my laptop which is a Toshiba A135-S427 until I can get my car pc running.

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    ELM is a perfectly good device for getting OBD data (and even getting and sending non-OBD data), but there are other devices out there which provide a higher throughput and more robustly programmable connection to the vehicle (e.g. Mongoose from, ValueCAN from, EASE devices from, etc.). The first two are in the $300 range, the latter has more variability in price and capability, I think.

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    Check out our products at, they are much cheaper than the ELM327 based units and provide the same functionality


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