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Thread: OBDII e46 Socket Location

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    OBDII e46 Socket Location

    Just to verify... are these the ONLY two locations for OBDII ?

    Engine Compartment (Round)
    Under Steering Wheel area (Rectangle)


    If so, is there a round to rectangle converter -- I ask because I just got my OBDII scanner for use with Centrafuse, but where it's located will be in the way quite a bit -- was hoping for constant connectivity.


    (reference pix for obdii connection in '02 e46 325Ci -- Interior, Rectangle):

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    The one you are seeing should be the OBD II connector, typically I have only seen one connector per vehicle so I think the round one that you are seeing is most likely not an OBD II port, does this one have 16 pins??


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    Thanks Paul.

    I'll check later tonight. There's supposedly one in the engine area for BMW diagnostics (from what I've read) -- but it just seems like there would be another more tucked-away version that I could drive around with and not worry about kicking out of socket.


    Maybe if they make a slimed-down 'right-angle' version that I could keep closer to the under-belly of that area vs. the 3" mass...

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