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Thread: Help Please - Choosing a USB OBD II Device

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    Good point HiJackZX1, forgot to mention that we offer a 1 year warranty so if an interface does fail we will stand behind it, not sure if the ebay person would be able to do that.

    From HiJackZX1's note it seems they do not...


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    I recently purchased from Jay with OBDPros. He spent quite a bit of time with me on Memorial Day answering my questions & he didn't even know if I would actually buy from him. I called 3 different companies that day fully expecting to just leave a message & I actually did leave messages for all 3. To my surprise Jay called me back within minutes I am still waiting for the other two to call me back

    I received the OBDPros unit very fast & hooked it up with minor com port issues which wasn't OBDPros fault at all. I have now used it with most all the Free software I found available successfully with my Land Rover. I do plan on trying some of the paid software but haven't decided which ones to try.

    I definitely at this time fully recommend buying from OBDPros. One more note I spent allot of time reading post before narrowing my choice down to the 3 I called.

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