I currently have an obdpros usb scanner that arrived Friday.

Im looking for some gauge software and was considering the dashcommand software. ( I really liked the Nissan Skyline knock-off gauges that were posted). Unfortunaley I'd like to display a boost gauge in PSI, and to get PSI to display instead of BAR I'd need to run a conversion script, which dashcommand does not support. I'd like to display MPG as well, but that too requires a script. I've considered PCMscan but it's a bit pricey. Altough its a great piece of software, I wouldn't utilize all of its capabilities. Plus, I need something that will auto connect and monitor. I'd have to have to connect to it every time I load up that screen, thats a bit cumbersome.

Are there any alternatives? I've looked at EasyObd II, but I'd like the gauges to be user defined.