hello, i need help with gauges.
i have a 2003 accord coupe ex v6 auto.

i re-located my cluster with a screen. don't flame. the setup is satisfying for my plan. but now i need the last part which are the car's reading:
engine temp, fuel level, rpm, speedo

can someone give me a crash course on installing the gauges.
i have odb2 usb adapter but wasn't satisfy with the quickness and my car apparently lack fuel level readout.

can i tap into my re-located cluster to get the read out for all the gauges? if so how do i know which wire/pin to tap for which gauge.

or can i tap into the ecu instead? i have a copy of my ecu diagram.
doens't say anything about fuel level =\

i dont' really want to run each sensor for each gauge.

does my car already have a sender unit for each gauges?
should i look for electronic or mechanical?

please help this is the last obstacle for my carpc setup.