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Thread: OBDII on a Peugeot Partner 05

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    OBDII on a Peugeot Partner 05

    I recently aquiered a Peugeot Partner 05 1.9D (north Europe)

    I i'm fairly new to this but i'm going to give it a chance.

    1st: do anyone know if my car supports OBDII/were is the OBDII outlet?

    2nd: if it does support OBDII, what should i get to read the info from it?
    is the Elmscan 5 ok?

    3rd: is the Centrafuse easy to integreate with a OBDII device sutch as Elmscan 5?

    sorry for asking these noobish questions, but i dont want to do some major changes to my car, without knowing if the major sellingpoint for getting a pc in my car.

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    A Peugeot Partner is a commercial vehicle. Although diesels have to comply to EOBD from 1st jan. 2004, the commercial vehicles do not yet. They have to comply depending on weight in 2006 or 2007. Checked this recently on a 2004 Partner, it was NOT compliant.
    If it's not compliant there's not much use for an Elm-interface.
    Find someone with a generic EOBD/OBD2 reader and find out if the vehicle communicates first, before spending money.
    N.B.: OBDII is only used in the USA, not in Europe.

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