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Thread: CAN data capture

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    CAN data capture

    I'm looking to use an OBD 2 interface to capture and analyse CAN data, is there anyone with software to capture data from a device - like the kvaser leaf light with the OBD2.

    (Oh does anyone know if the vauxhall corsa C (Z12XEP) uses CAN?)


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    Corsa-C still uses the old trusted K-line and it complies to the EOBD standard.
    OBD2 is only used in the USA and not in Europe.

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    CAN is used on european cars! My fiat stilo has it (2003 - 03reg) and my old punto hgt also used it (2000 W). It cannot be used for diagnostics but is used for windows, boot, clock, mpg information.

    I use an ELM327 v1.3 to log the data on my cars CAN bus (11bit/50k). Its very easy to use, just capture the logs to text files and look over the data in excel or something.


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