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Thread: OBDII ELM Scan 327 to usb Centrafuse

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    OBDII ELM Scan 327 to usb Centrafuse

    I have an Acer aspire one running xp home, with centrafuse 2.0 installed, I have the obdii elmscan 327 installed with the supplied drivers, and i cannot get centrafuse to recognize the obdii, i selected the appropriate comm port (comm port 1, which i set it to before installing centrafuse). Its at the default baud rate 9600. Im just not sure what to do to get it to work. Thanks for any and all assistance.

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    I have also altered the baud rate to 38400, it seems to be a prevelant alteration that seems to work, but not in my scenario.

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    If you had an ElmScan 5, you could use STNFinder to help you troubleshoot. You can use STNTerm to try to send commands to the interface. Both utilities are here:

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    I did the setup and everything worked perfectly.
    I think the speed is 9600 baud
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