Hey, I posted a while back about virtual gauges and I gave up on making my own program as Im just not a programmer and well it didnt work. Anyways heres what Im shooting for.

I am going with a carPC just for gauges, dont care about music or videos or the net just instrumentation. What Im looking for is a software package that will take obd2 data as well as Fusion brain inputs and output it as a user configurable dash. Dashcommand is on the right track as you can configure it anyway you choose. Where it doesnt work for me is for things like indicators. Id like to have turnsignal indicators or high beam or any other light I could imagine also pop on when an input is recieved from FB.

Im sure a lot of you have seen that youtube video of the virtual dash called widevision (i think right?) and would like to be able to do something similar.

I know I cant program this myself so I was wondering if anything out there was even closely available?

BTW the abilty to output to multiple screens is next to necessary for my planned project. I am praying someone knows of a program.