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Thread: Maybe you can help me connect my obdii

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    Maybe you can help me connect my obdii

    Hi I recently acquired an OBdii to usb from a friend. I am trying to connect it to my 99 trans am. I am able to get my windows 7 based laptop to recognize it as FT232R USB UART. I have download a bunch of free ware OBD ii softwares including OBD-Diag and scan master, but neither of them recognize that I have anything connected. It shows on the device panel that it is connected to com 4 but I am having no luck. Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance

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    I assume that you have all the correct drivers installed sice you say its showing up on com port 4.

    Not all OBDII devices work with all OBDII software packages.
    Maybe you should ask your friend which software they were using with this interface

    Do you have anymore details about the device? I.e. Make/model of device this may help in finding a suitable software package for you.

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