This is an official announcement for the v1.2.0 firmware update for OBDLink. You can download it from the following link:

v1.2.0 - 2010/01/20

- NEW: Added AT@3 command (store device identifier)
- NEW: Added STMFR command (print device manufacturer ID string)
- NEW: Added STDI command (print device hardware ID string)
- NEW: Added STSN command (print device serial number)
- NEW: Added STS@1 command (set AT@1 device description string)
- NEW: Added STSAVCAL command (save factory calibration values)
- CHG: STI command now prints controller ID, instead of device name
- CHG: Implemented new AT@1 functionality (now changeable via STS@1)
- CHG: Restored ELM327 functionality for AT@2 command (now one-time programmable via AT@3)
- CHG: Changed default programmable parameter 13 setting to 0xF4 (999ms)
- BUG: Sometimes, 4 dots would be printed during ISO 5-baud init
- BUG: Due to a compiler bug, under certain conditions, ISO keep-alives were sent back-to-back and tester address set via PP 06, was not used for keep-alive headers