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Thread: OBDwiz: official announcement

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    Sorry, we haven't gotten around to putting together an actual comparison. However, you can download demos of both DashCommand and TouchScan, the latter is fully functional (it's time limited).

    You can also view the feature list and screenshots on the respective websites.

    We will continue to sell TouchScan on our website, and as far as I know OCTech has no plans to obsolete it either. OBDwiz is basically a rebranded OEM release of TouchScan. Right now, the only difference is that OBDwiz only works on the current hardware, and the license does not allow us to sell it separately from the hardware.

    Does this help?

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    Just to clarify:

    TouchScan is not an obsolete product. OBDwiz and TouchScan have the same features. OBDwiz is limited to new hardware only. TouchScan works with all Elm327 compatible hardware.


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