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Thread: How to read car info from canbus?

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    How to read car info from canbus?

    Hello all.

    Does anyone know how to read different info from canbus? To be more precise - I would like to "read" the state of automatic airconditioning system, the current radio station, outside temperature, and pretty much everything that factory LCD display shows because I'm about to replace it with a bigger LCD for carpc.

    This factory LCD appears to work on its own. Meaning that when he's plugged into canbus he can decode and show all those different info on his own.

    So my only two solutions are to "decode" all those usefull data and show it on the new screen via carpc, of I can "record" the factory screen in real time with a webcam ad show his content on the news screen (kindof stupid solution).

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    Read CAN bus information is quite easy. You can do it with things like that

    But the CAN bus is a network, a lot of information are present on it and you need to know what message is interesting and how to "decipher" it in human readable information. The CAN database are thing that manufacturer keep top secret.

    I guess, your current LCD includes some electonics which know what to read.

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