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Thread: 2003 subaru B4

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    2003 subaru B4


    I'm having trouble figuring out which cable I need.
    I have a 2003 Subaru B4 (be5 - ej20 engine - non Turbo) sedan. JDM -- I live in Japan.
    However, body shape is previous version (dealer mentioned that it probably was one of the last to come of the line before the model change occurred in 2003).

    I bought a ebay obd2 sensor but I get no readings. (probably is junk)
    I have also asked several dealers and each have given different answers. SSM and OBD ... but none of them knew exactly for sure.

    The actual plug accepts the OBD cable with no problems.
    On the back side of the plug it has only 7 cables all located to the left side.

    Since the car is a non-turbo I probably am not going to mod/chip the car. eking out another kilometer or 2 for mpg probably is not probably going to happen. So, I just need a cable to interface with my carpc (at the moment Centrafuse 3.1).

    Any Suggestons?


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    Just tried the elmscan 5 from here ... SOL ...
    I'm getting voltage readings only.

    I looked at the back side of the obd connector in my car and saw pins 4,5,7,8,12,13,16 are being used.
    SSM1 ??? SSM2 ??? OBD2 ???

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    Tactrix Cable

    then go here and seek further CF support for it
    New Car PC Build list in progress

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