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Thread: Vauxhall\Opel\Holden Canbus Info Request

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    Vauxhall\Opel\Holden Canbus Info Request

    Hi all,

    I'm starting a project with my dad to try and interface my CarPC with the steering wheel controls and output information to the radio section of the OEM display.

    I've got a 2003 model Vauxhall Signum with the 6 button steering wheel controls, which means it's half-can, but what exactly does this mean/relate to?!

    The OEM display is the yellow/black dot matrix display, is that the GID or TID?

    My dad programs micro-controllers so he will be making the interface for me.

    What I'm looking to achieve is to read the steering wheel controls from the CAN to control the CarPC, and to display music information and navigation commands in the top section of the display that normally displays the radio station name/ CD track info from the OEM stereo.

    Has anyone got any resource information that can help?

    I've also read about the GMLAN protocol, does the Vectra/Signum use this for the stereo side of the CAN?

    Any help would be gratefully recieved. I'll be producing a worklog throughout the project to hopefully enable this for other members in the future.


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    Hello Adam

    We are trying to achieve a similar thing, with a Vauxhall Vectra. Do you have any more information about the Vectra CANBUS? Or rather CAN Buses, because we learned that there are three.

    We are at the point that we are developing our CANBUS scanner to find the can bus speed and communication parameters. Next step will be sniffing messages and some reverse engineering to get the info we want.

    Did you manage to do some reverse engineering?

    Our blog to track our progresses is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gayno View Post
    I've also read about the GMLAN protocol, does the Vectra/Signum use this for the stereo side of the CAN?
    I don't believe you will find a true GMLAN implementation until the 2005 Saab 9-3.

    If you are want to know if it has a CAN Bus look for the diagnostic connector and if it is a 16-pin connector look for pins 6 and 14. If they are populated, then take out your volt-meter and see what voltage these pins are at with the key in the ON position.

    If they are around 2.5 volts then there is an almost certain chance that you have a CAN Bus; it's baud rate will most likely be 500kbps.

    Check out my blog at for information on how to get started hacking the can bus.
    Hack your car's CAN BUS at

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