hi everyone not a great start to new year for me
about a month ago i got into my 02 plate 2.2 petrol elite and noticed that the demist fan did not come on as it usually does because it normaly blows on full till i alter it ,knowing that veccys are strange creatures i switched off ign and tried again ....... yeah fan on now brill and all has been well untill a few days ago when nooo fan at all.I have tried every combination of setting from 1-7 on the speed setting and still nothing i also get nothing on demist ,car heat and recirculation .
been reading on line about fan problems and common one seems to be the resistor pack goes so i thought i would look at this first , took glove box out and i cant find resistor thingy i looked all over for it but its not there .
i can turn the fan by hand so its not siezed also its dry in the footwell .When i turn on ignition i hear a sort of quiet ticking from behint the heater switches this lasts about 8 seconds and occours again if i select aux or screen . i have removed what i think is the main supply plug to the fan and this has 4 wires going into it a heavy brown a thinner brown/white a thinner red/white and sorry i forgot the colour of the other wire ,anyhow putting a volt meter on i put neg of the meter to the heavy brown and the other lead to brown/white it reads 10.78 between heavy brown and red/white it reads 11.7 i get nothing between heavy brown and colour i cant remember .
my model has individual climat control on fan speed from 0-7 and the air con gets freezig cold when it was working . any ideas please would be very greatfull ... thank you for reading .oh by the way i have checked all fuses and removed and refitted all the relays i can see ..