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Thread: Please help Isuzu OBD Protocol

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    Please help Isuzu OBD Protocol

    I am looking at building a OBDII Scanner for detecting Fault codes on my vehicle. I live in South Africa and drive an Isuzu KB220 LE (2.2 Litre Petrol 2000 Model Double Cab pickup). I am sort of convinced that the vehicle uses the J1850 VPW Protocol but need to be assured of this.

    Can anyone perhaps tell me what the OBDII Protocol for this vehicle would be ? And if it is J1850 VPW protocol - Should I be looking at the ELM322 Chip ?

    The pin connections I have on the OBD Connector in the vehicle are as follows: (This is if my interpretation of the Pin Functions are correct)

    Pin 2 - Brown - J1850BUS+
    Pin 3 - Blue/Black - ??
    Pin 4 - Blue - GND Vehicle Chassis
    Pin 5 - Black - GND Signal
    Pin 7 - Green - ISO9141-2K
    Pin 9 - Green - ??
    Pin 10 - Blue - J1850BUS-
    Pin 11 - Yellow - ??
    Pin 16 - Green - V+ (Vehicle Battery 12 - 13.8 V)

    Take note that this is a South African vehicle (Currently GM), but may differ from the US / UK GM makes. I know that a Tech2 OBD scanner can be used, but this is way too expensive.

    Much appreciated.


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    Based on the pinout, it could also be PWM (2 & 10) or ISO (7).

    Unless you are severely short on cash, I would strongly recommend buying a multiprotocol interface (they're much cheaper than they used to be). Worst case, buy a multiprotocol OBD IC like the ELM327 or STN1110 (I am strongly biased in favor of the latter ).

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