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Thread: Cheap CAN bus adapter?

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    I have successfully received CAN messages from my car in this super-dodgy initial test, where I connected the CAN adapter to the input to the LCD.

    I received 9 different CAN message IDs while the car was not turned on, the only one of which I understand (thanks to is the 0x400 message. This gave me an an average speed of 44 km/h (which seems about right for my last trip), average fuel consumption of 7.0 L/100km (also about right), and fuel remaining of 343 km (definitely not right).

    Next I need to work out why my software decided to exit after only a couple of seconds, make a slightly less dodgy wiring harness for testing, and try it out while driving.

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    I found a site which already offer a ready can-adapter. Ordered for the Mazda 3. You have seen this site and the manufacturer? Someone may say something about them?

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