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Thread: ELM327 with sjoda Fabia 2005 model

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    ELM327 with sjoda Fabia 2005 model


    I am about to buy a device for my skoda fabia 2005 model.

    Either blue cable or ELM327 (1.4) or 1.5a device from ebay.

    Do you know if ELM327 will work with skoda fabia 2005 model.

    I know ELM327 supports ODB2 , but ELM327 and ble cable supports diofferent protocol.

    Any guide is welcome.


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    If you only want limited access to the engine then the ELM will work, even with a diesel.
    If you want more (near dealer level) you should buy VCDS-Lite or VCDS from ross-tech.

    As far as I know the 1.5a devices from ebay are false and are really version 1.2 (OLD).

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    this clone: click works well on my 2002Q4 Skoda Superb 1.8T - it has CANBUS network inside, but communicates via K+L lines through a gateway modul

    but as p2psmurf said, its very limited! gives some realtime engine info + some DTCs, but not all of them. buy it if You only want to use it for example in centrafuse as live data

    VAGCOM / VCDS gives much more detailed info from ECU and all other modules (xenon, radio, a/c, memo seats, etc etc). here is a cheap cable: click - works with vagcom 3.x and 4.09 and VCDS - but only if Your car communicates via K+L lines like mine, this old cable version does not work directly with CANBUS!
    "case": Skoda Superb Elegance 1.8T
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    You may already have this info, but ELM327 v1.4b supports 12 protocols - all varieties of SAE, ISO, and CAN. Using
    mode 0
    it autodetects your vehicle's protocol, and you don't have to even know about it. I have found this to be an excellent device, I happen to use ISO9141-2 (2007 model vehicle). My only complaint is the scan speed, but it is not the device or the PC side of the interface that is slow, but rather the vehicle's ECU. I understand the CAN interface on 2008+ is better, I haven't worked wit it yet. Hope this helps. The ELM327 interface manual is available online from many sources.

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