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Thread: OBD-II Switching

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    OBD-II Switching

    OK here is my dilema

    i have 2 units that i would like to have plugged in all the time in, now i know they will both argue over who has priority etc.

    so my guess was to have a rocker switch on the power line from the OBD so i could allocate which one would have access to the ecu....

    i currently have the following items in the car
    HKS Camp2 Unit
    OBDII reader

    any thoughts or suggestions......

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    any ideas people ?

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    Go to the junkyard and get a OBDII plug and wire it up along w/ the one that's already in there? Then put a switch on the power feed for it. In theory sounds like it would

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    That's my thoughts well not going to bother with extra plug just hard wire a unit before the plug lol

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    I've had multiple tools connected many many times with success. Shouldn't be an issue provided the hardware you are installing doesn't suck.

    Depending on what protocol your car uses, you may just be able to have them both connected at the same time. Both modules may request the same info at the same time, but the car will just think its coming from one module just really fast. If it can handle serving the information then it will; if it can't, it won't.

    Good luck.
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