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Thread: Ford Escape Hybrid

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    Ford Escape Hybrid

    We need an App that will give us similar screens that are supplied on the vehicles equipped Factory Navigation. The HEV screens, developers, we would love to see this

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    The issue with the HEV screens that give you information about the battery and the like, is that they are proprietary communications protocols, and nobody really releases any information on it. The few people who have the information, sell applications but don't release the information itself so it's very difficult for forum members to write apps to take advantage of this.
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    I responded to your other post here:
    Which product for 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid

    ScanXL has the Ford specific data if you purchase the Ford enhance add-on, and you could use our DashXL dashboard system to display the PIDs in any way you'd like. You would just need to take the time to design a DashXL dashboard to look like your in-vehicle screen already does...

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