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Thread: PSI3 data monitors

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    PSI3 data monitors

    Hi people newbie after a bit of help. Great forum so much info I did not know there are so many different ways of displaying ecu info. Anyway I have 2 PSI3 ecu data monitors which use the obd2 port to retrieve data from the ecu from the K-line on pin 7 on a Subaru Impreza STI 2005 . I have tried to connect both units using a y cable but only 1 unit will display the information the other unit just displays dashes instead of values, as psi3 are no longer trading there is no tech support available. I know that there must be a 2 way communication between the unit and the ecu but is there any way of connecting both units to pin 7 so they both communicate with the ecu?

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    Not a 100% on this, but having two gauge devices hooked up simultaneously seems like a bad idea. It's possible after you hook up the first data monitor, the second one tries to perform an init sequence but fails because of traffic on the line from the first monitor (it's a serial connection). I don't think it's possible to use both at once in your car, unless you could some how ensure only one device uses the connection at a time... and I don't think that's feasible.

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    Thanks for the response. I had a doubt that it would be possible but it was worth asking the question to get it confirmed.

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