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Thread: VW CAN Info via OBD port

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    VW CAN Info via OBD port


    I have for been researching communications with my VW Golf 32 and trying to discover details such as current DSG gear via the OBD port. I have found many documents and clues and received some information from forum members. I have been using a OBD to serial UART card from Sparkfun that uses a STN1110 or ELM equivalent. I want to use a microcontroller such as Arduino and a dsiplay to enhance my dash information.

    I have used VAG with a OBD cable Y-chord and recorded the conversation during setup and while asking VAG for the parameters I require. Current gear carried in measurement block 2 for example as shown in the attached file. The recording is attached and shows the data using ATMA with headers on.

    Now I am a bit stuck on what other AT commands should be issued to the ELM device to set up such things as headers etc. For example, the first line fo the captured file is:

    200 7 1F C0 00 10 00 03 01 which is intiated from VAG. What parts of this message are set by AT commands and auto generated by the ELM device so that I can do the same from my micro.

    As can bee seen from the capture file also is a sequence I have called "initialisation and startup", is any or all of this generated by the ELM device as part of the protocol init?

    There is then a section that I have marked call "keep alive". Is this auto generated by the ELM device or do I have to generate A3 and listen for the A1 0F CA FF 54 FF response?

    Finally, there is the actual data request. The line 760 5 13 00 02 21 02 is intiated by the micro via the ELM device. Again, can anyone tell me the AT commands to set this up. Does the micro for example simply send the 21 02 with the rest of the message constructed by the ELM device?

    In the response, I can see bytes changing in response to gear changes. This should not be too hard to extract the info I need.

    So, I think I have all of the pieces I require, I just need help with the setup and message construction.

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    Can anyone help here? Vitaliy, can you help?

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