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Thread: 99 Honda Civic - VagCOm OBDII

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    99 Honda Civic - VagCOm OBDII

    Hey, I have been building a carputer for my 99 Honda Civic. One of the features that I am trying to include is OBDII diagnostics that provide real time viewing of engine status (rpm, oil press, fuel usage, etc) and also be able to track/resolve OBD codes. Anyways, I have not been able to find software that will work with the cable that I purchased (link below). I would not like to just buy another cable, unless this is the absolutely wrong one. Basically, I would just like to know if this cable will work and if so, how? Thanks.

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    The cable is meant for VW's and Audi's with an old version of the Vag-com program.
    You would be better off with an Elm interface. That is, if your car is really compliant.
    Depending on where you live the car may or may not be compliant.

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