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Thread: ELM327 set baud rate

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    ELM327 set baud rate

    I am trying to access the MSCAN data in my Vauxhall Insignia 09 SRi, because I want to be able to control the text on the center console with a custom-made device or application. I am told that in the Astra's this information is not on GMLAN but rather MSCAN. I have a cheap OBD2 interface from eBay that uses an ELM327 clone (the blue/orange coloured ones that are everywhere across ebay), and I have checked that the pics are wired correctly inside. I now need to set the baud rate to 95k I believe. How can I do this?

    I have read the datasheet and programmable parameters PDF, and I know I need to use something like the following command:

    ATPP 2D SV 0F

    The 0F gives 33.3K baud, which is perfect for GMLAN but not MSCAN. What value do I need to replace 0F with to give me 95K? Any ideas?

    Many thanks.

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    I feel so stupid. I found the command in the datasheet after all, but I can't quite get the exact baud that I'm after.

    ATPP 2D SV 0F gives 33.3K baud
    ATPP 2D SV 05 gives 100K baud

    The value for the 4th bit can be calculated using: 500/<decimal value> = baud
    For example:

    0F hex = 15 decimal
    05 hex = 05 decimal


    500 divided by 15 = 33K baud
    500 divided by 05 = 100K baud

    However, I am after 95K, not 100K. If I use the value 06, I get 83K.

    Am I under the impression that unless I have direct access to the registers on this dodgy cloned ELM327 chip (which is actually a PIC) then I will not be able to get the exact rate that I'm after?

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