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Thread: Which is a good Fit?

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    Which is a good Fit?

    Whats up all? new to the forum and am contemplating my build. I have a 2003 Cadillac CTS and the drivers information is critical to keep up with all of the sensors. Does anyone have any suggestions on OBD modules that I should look into incorperating into my build? It woul be greatly appricated. Thanks

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    As people will suggest, You need to include a few more details... And maybe suggested for the newbie forum as it will be a general "where do i start" talk
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    You should definitely go for an OBDLink MX. It's by far the most reliable, fastest, and highest quality scan tool out there.

    Assuming of course, that your vehicle is indeed OBD2, and you will have bluetooth connectivity. If not I highly recommend the standard OBDLink

    As mayhem mentioned, you need to include more details about your setup. I'm just assuming that you're from the US, that you will be running a standard computer and not an android tablet or ipad, a whole bunch of things that you didn't include in your post. Be a bit more details about what exactly you're looking to do
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