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Thread: LCD display gauges for 70 SS Chevelle

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    LCD display gauges for 70 SS Chevelle

    sorry not sure if this should be in the "Displays" forums or here. I have two 70 Chevelles. One i am keeping stock and the other i am putting a 2003 Chevy LQ4 engine in. I want to be able to get rid of the stock gauges and use the computer OBD2 port to display the speedometer and other gauges on a LCD in the one with the new engine. I am have been looking around and it seems like Centrafuse might be the right program for the application, is it? I will run this on a carpc/carputer which i hope to have my music and other stuff on too. My main concern is how do i set all this up? I am well versed in building computers. Can anyone point me in a step by step write up? Like this is how you hook it up to your engine computer to your car computer. And this is how you setup Centrafuse for gauges. Also i need the gauges to be in a certain spot or to be able to move them since the LCD will be going behind the original Dash. I want to put the gauges in exactly where the original ones were. Any help will be greatly appriciated. I will make a project write up if anyone can get me going in the right direction.

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    Actually i have been reading a lot and it seems like the obd II port is not a good option when going for accuate gauges as they only refresh 2 to 3 times per second. Can any one point me in the right direction of getting a accurate reading from a sensor or a better way of doing this?

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