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Thread: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Entertainment CANBUS Sniffing

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    Hyundai Genesis Coupe Entertainment CANBUS Sniffing

    Hey All:

    Recently I have decided to get my project on the way, now that time and money permits it. I recently piggy backed onto an old topic here.

    Long story short, I've been able to sniff the canbus network going to the stock LCD display for HVAC status, time, and entertainment (CD, XM, etc.) status. I have most of them mapped out, and sending the commands back to the vehicle does result in changing the LCD display, such as time, for an example.

    The one issue I am having is that I've been unable to identify how the head unit transfers the song name, artist name, AM/FM station frequency, etc. to the factory LCD. I've monitored my sniffed data, and know for a fact that nothing with this data is being transmitted through sniffing.

    Looking at the service diagrams, I know for a fact that the only communication to the factory LCD is via CANH and CANL. I've sniffed from the LCD connector since the beginning.

    Only thing I can think is that a different signal (UART?) is piggy backing off of the CANL and CANH connection for the specific data I am looking for. Does anyone have any insight if I am in the right ballpark, or any ideas to what else could be going on?

    Here's a video of what I've done so far:

    Thanks in advance.
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    hi i just got i gen coupe 2013 and looking for some advance pid
    mostly oil temp for you have some inof on these ??

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