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Thread: Hacking the Can Bus

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    Ok thanks. I have a 2003 Chevy Avalanche so I am not sure if this will work for me directly but it is worth mentioning if you are going through the trouble of trying to build something when you can buy an already working setup that doesn't require any additional hardware.

    This board is less than $200 and may be the fastest ARM dev board out there with quad 1ghz cores and up to 4 video outputs. 1 Gig of ram onboard and can use LAN, Sata or MicroSD out of the box to boot from. I will likely get cheap SATA drives to boot from since I believe those are more likely to work without issue than MicroSD cards over the long haul and would be much faster.

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    Hello, I made the can-shield using this scheme I use it for hack my Skoda Octavia A5 2011 year.
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    To communicate with canbus I use can-utils.
    All perfectly work, I can control my windows with commands such as:
    cansend can0 181#0200 // Open driver window
    cansend can0 181#0800 // Close driver window

    For iPad I wrote a app that displays a data in real time for devices in the individual cells:
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    Using this app, I found some can-devices:
    181 - Control/Read status of Windows
    381 - Read status of front left Door (open/close)
    470 - Read status of front right Door (open/close)
    291 - Read status of back right&left Doors (open/close)
    531 - Control/Read status of Lights&Winking
    5D1 - Read status of Windshield
    591 - Read status of CentralLock

    Many IDs I can't define, If someone can help with finding IDs, I'll be glad!
    I want to found a speed, rpm, distance and other IDs.

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